Water Efficiency and Luxury: The Benefits of Installing a Bar Shower

Bathrooms have come a long way from being basic spaces where you just take a quick shower or brush your teeth. They’re now designed to provide a relaxing and luxurious experience, and are increasingly being seen as an extension of your overall living space. However, not everyone has the luxury of having a large bathroom, and maximizing space is crucial when it comes to designing a functional bathroom. One of the ways to do this is by choosing innovative shower designs that save space while adding style and functionality. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most innovative bar shower designs for modern bathrooms.

Vertical Bar Showers:

The first innovative bar shower design to consider is the vertical bar shower. This design is characterized by a long, vertical bar that attaches to the ceiling and floor, with a handheld showerhead that slides up and down the bar. Vertical bar showers are great for small bathrooms since they take up minimal space and can be easily installed in the corner of the bathroom. They also add a sleek and modern touch to any bathroom design.

Doorless Showers:

Another innovative shower design is the doorless shower. This design eliminates the need for a shower door or curtain and can be ideal for small spaces. Doorless showers help to create a larger and more open feel, which is perfect for small bathrooms. This design can also be complemented by installing a shower bench to provide a comfortable seating area.

Corner Bar Showers:

Corner bar showers are perfect for bathrooms that have limited wall space. This design features a long, vertical bar that attaches to the wall and the corner of the shower stall, with a handheld showerhead that slides up and down the bar. Corner bar showers save space while adding a stylish and modern element to any bathroom design. They’re also versatile and can be adapted to fit any bathroom size.

Concealed Showers:

Concealed showers are another innovative bar shower design that can save space in your bathroom. They feature a wall-mounted showerhead and can be integrated into the wall cavity, creating a hidden, seamless look. Concealed showers are perfect for small bathrooms as they don’t take up much space and give a sleek, minimal appearance. They also offer a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Ceiling-Mounted Shower Heads:

Finally, we have ceiling-mounted showerheads. This design features a showerhead mounted directly overhead from the ceiling, providing an upscale look that’s both modern and sleek. This shower design is great for small bathrooms since it saves wall space that can be used for other important bathroom fixtures. It’s also ideal for people who enjoy showering in a spacious area.


Innovative bar shower designs are a great way to maximize space in small bathrooms while adding style and functionality. Whether it’s a vertical bar shower, doorless shower, corner bar shower, concealed shower, or ceiling-mounted showerhead, these designs provide a range of options to fit any bathroom size and style. By incorporating one of these innovative shower designs, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and comfortable space while maximizing every inch of space.

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